Saloon keeper valerian ruppert

Greetin’s fellas! Things really seem to be picking up around here, ever since a few new gunslingers came into town. Only one of ‘ems a cattle rustler; blended in with all the others comin’ and goin’ in Salina for a while ‘til he got mixed up with these other fellas. They’ve even lured the local mortician to ridin’round with ‘em. Well, if you’re in the Disputed Lands for any amount of time you’ll quickly learn things change at a fast pace ‘round here. Keep an eye on the news and you’ll see what I mean. Now I don’t care if yer a Union boy or a Confederate. We got enough trouble with the war in the Disputed Lands as is, so don’t be bringin’ it into my saloon!

If ya find you’re in one place for a while and need somethin’ to do, head to the local saloon. You can pass the time there talking to locals, or takin’ some o’ their money at the poker table. If you’re not quick with a six-shooter, I’d keep a low profile though; some folks come ta saloons just looking for a duel. They find it a decent way to build reputation. Hmph! You could always take care of your general needs as well, like buying supplies, getting a bath, warm bed… or some company.

If I can give you one piece of advice, it’s that the Disputed Lands operate on four things: Blood, Guns, Cards, and Money. I suggest you enjoy the luxuries of town while you can, because when you find yerself out in the wild trying to survive in these harsh territories, you’ll be wishin’ you’d bolstered up when the opportunity was ripe. In the mean time, make yerself comfortable. Can I get ya a drink?

Blood, Guns, Cards, and Money

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