Alexander Dawson

US Congressman from Kansas... and James Howard's benefactor


Dawson went to law school in Boston and established a small practice in Kansas after passing the bar. There wasn’t much need for more than one lawyer in the remote territories of Kansas, but he managed enough to make a living. He had a modest home next to the Howard’s ranch. He became close friends with his neighbors and often spoke politics with Mr. Howard over a good cigar. James Howard, their young son, still recalls these childhood memories vaguely, as if it was a pleasant dream. He was also an extreme young age when his parents were killed in a Confederate raid on their Union-supporting settlement. Most homes were burned to the ground, many residents killed. Alexander Dawson however, survived. He was one of the residents that took up arms and attempted to fight back. Dawson likely would have died with the others in the gun-fighting, as the raiders were larger in number than the local militia. But when Dawson saw the flames of the Howard residence, he rushed there in an effort to save his dear friends. He was too late, but some relief was granted his heart when he found little James hiding in the barn. With both Dawson’s and the Howard homes burned to ash, it was in that barn they lived until Dawson had paid to rebuild the home on the Howard land. He did it for James. Alexander sold his plot of land and used the money for the construction. He made it as close to the original as he remembered.

After James became a young adult, Dawson could tell the boy was ready to get out and stretch his wings. He was filled with energy and a go-get’em attitude. James was almost a rich kid of sorts though, never having worked a day in his life: Dawson always took good care of him. Well, over the last ten years Dawson’s law practice has exploded. He not only handled all major cases in the entire state of Kansas, but was even getting politically involved with the Union. Back when the civil war erupted, the plans to officially make Kansas a union state were ruined. Since then it has been a combination of guerrilla warfare and political jockeying to try and gain a firm control of Kansas. Dawson was able to help the union with his prominent position. Now with Confederate raider William Quantrill dead, the warfare has tapered off to sporadic fighting and the political side of the battle for Kansas has a better chance. Alexander Dawson was so involved with aiding the Union that when the government offered him a partial seat in Congress, he gladly accepted. Although Kansas isn’t officially a part of the Union, it nearly was in 1861 and they felt they nearly had it from the CSA now, they felt it would be advantageous to have a Congressman from Kansas.

Since taking office Dawson hasn’t returned to Kansas but keeps in close touch with James Howard. Dawson takes his government position as a chance to fight back at the CSA for what they did to his hometown and friends, and James does his part by doing occasional tasks for Dawson. Although Howard is grown and traveling about the Disputed Lands, Dawson continues to provide for all of James’ financial needs.

Alexander Dawson

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