Jackalope's Foot

Good luck charm


Not your usual taxidermist’s good luck charm, this is made from the foot of a jackalope rather than a rabbit. And this isn’t a superstitious charm, it actually grants the bearer good luck (owner gains the Luck o’ the Irish Edge). However, this doesn’t come without a price. Whenever the owner goes bust, treat the result as if he has the Bad Luck Hindrance.


Jace “Quickdraw” McAdams acquired a jackalope’s foot in a poker game. Most people would balk at someone calling a $100 bet with a silly good luck charm, but Jace knew some things can be more than they appear. Everyone at the table thought his opponent had won Jace’s $100 bet with a full house, Aces over Kings. Who knows if he was cheating, or that jackalope’s foot gave him one last favor o’ luck before leaving his possession, but Jace had the better hand. Perhaps the jackalope’s foot was turning its back on the one who put it on the line, or if Jace used his ‘abilities’ to bolster his hand. Maybe the foot sensed it was about to change hands and passed on some luck to its soon-to-be new owner. Or, as Jace likes to say, it was simply a matter decided by the cards… by fate.

Jackalope's Foot

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