Baker Hughes' Journal

Entry 1: Got bushwhacked by a strange critter on the trail to Dodge City. Mr. Black is hurt pretty bad. We got him loaded in the wagon and we are making good time down the trail. I’m gonna check on him in a bit and see if he’s still alive. Mr. McAdams has been flipping those cards of his over all mornin long. I guess there are worse ways to spend a day on the trail.

Entry 2: Looks like Mr. Black has recovered a bit. Pretty remarkable considering he nearly got his throat ripped out. I knew there was some weird stuff goin’ on out west. I guess I’ll just be happy is not all bad. We are cooking up a nice mess of beans. reminds me of when I was camping with my kin at home.

Entry 3: Well another one of those critters popped up again. Mr. Black claims it was the same one that got him a couple nights ago. I don’t think so. We put it’s strange carcass on the cart to take it to town. A couple of the buys think it will fetch a nice price. I say let the buzzards have it. Well a few hours later Mr. Black starts to make a fuss and Shoots the carcass point blank with a shot gun. Claiming the this was moving again and was gonna git him. Well to put his mind at ease we burnt the thing until it was nothing more than a pile of ash. Then proceeded to Dodge City.

Entry 4: Couple of good nights sleep. I almost forgot what it feels like to be well rested. Had another dream of Margret. She was wear’in that blue dress she knew I fancied. The day we picnicked up by the old oak tree in Tesserly’s farm. If only I could go back to those idle days of comfort.

Entry 5: The Stranger Was in Dodge City. I can feel it. A strange encounter at boot hill. The same uneasy feeling washed over me. Just like the last time. News from Harvey county is grim. Some Marauders go’in by the name of the Night riders. a few other groups down there cause’n a mess o’ trouble. I may put it up to the other gentleman, see if’n they be amenable to heading that way. We may need a tracker. i just don’t know if the boys are keen on Indians. I’ll have to find out.

Entry 6: Well the group and I wandered up to Boot hill last night and found a disturbing sight. I looks like a band of cannibals has set up shop in the cemetery. This could be the infuence of the stranger. I do not know. but these folks were fast and hungry. They almost got Mr. Black. I got one of em’ real good but the others dragged him under the tree in the center of the cemetery. we had to get Mr. Black some help and could not pursue them into their den. It’s probably for the best, the gunfire would probable draw the law up here anyways.

Entry 7: Well ol’ James has ponied up with the lawmen of Dodge. Looks like he has been signed to find out what the hell happened up at boot hill the other night. I don’t know what game he is play’n with those lawmen. he knows damn well what happened. He better not get too cute, that Wyatt is a sharp one. I reckon it could be to cover our tracks but we will see.

Entry 8: We headed on up to Boot hill again. This time during the day. Seems the boys are keen to root em’ out of their holes. I had a feeling there would be some more of those caves around, so I started to circle around the tree hole we spotted. sure enough there was two other places in the burial grounds that they could use to get out of that cave they were dwelling in. Well as I started to circle around outside the grounds the boys decided to send in Mr. Black to investigate. It seems something happened down there and Mr. Black is still shook up about it. I did however see that the network of tunnels these people use are limited to the area around the cemetery. So we came to the conclusion that we would cover all the holes but one and wait for the depraved people to crawl out and give them the business end of some hot lead.

Entry 9: Well one of the Mastersen fellows traveled with us to Boot hill Last night. We plugged all the holes but one and waited. Mr. Black headed back to town. It might be me but it looked like he lost his nerve. We did not see him after that. The people surprised us a bit by springing out of that hole and attacking Jace, James and Mastersen. After the ruckuss started I had a hard time getting a clean shot off. I took a chance and fired at one of the cannibals trying to take a bite out of James. For a split second I hesitated and thought this situation reminded me of Gettysburg. But I am sure it was just my imagination these folks moved to fast to be the dead. But none the less I missed my first shot high. I refocused and took care of business after that. Somebody called these people gouls. I don’t know what that was all about. Maybe some gang name or something. I will have to remember if we come up against any more of these cannibals. I don’t know if it was just me. But I did get the feeling we were being watched, or tested in some way. It’s a feeling I don’t like much. Not much at all . . .

Baker Hughes' Journal

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