James Howard's Thoughts

After a strange trip, we arrived in Dodge city.

It is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Such and amazing place.
The sheriff has a lot of people working for him to keep this place from getting too out of hand and it seems it is needed.

It is very strange being without my irons. I feel vulnerable, like I can’t hold my own anymore.
Everywhere I go, I am reminded of my shortcomings. I need to learn how to read just to keep my own counsel and secrets.

It would seem I am ill equipped for Dodge city, though that fella Erp seemed like the sort that might understand my predicament, maybe he can help me get my city feet.

October 3, 2013 Session
After receiving a telegram from my friend back east, I am once again reminded of my failings.
I was forced to have the telegram read to me, which caused the clerk to look at me strangely.

Then when I met with Mr. Wright I had to have him read my orders to me.
He seemed surprised that a spy couldn’t read. I suspect my friend from back east would not be happy that it revealed too much about our work. I also fear that some day, not being able to read will get me killed.

I will talk to the Sheriff and see if he can help me find someone to teach me to read.
It might be embarrassing that I can’t read, but I have to get over my shame or I will forever be at a disadvantage when I visit any town. It will also help me fulfill my duty to my friend back east.

Saw some strange and disturbing things while investigating with my new friends.
I don’t know what to think about those strange critters we faced on Boot Hill.
I am forced to accept they exist.
I am forced to accept that it will be difficult to convince the sheriff they exist.
It is strange that they are exist within the town. The must be very tricky to keep from being seen by the people here in town.

Perhaps I should go to boot hill during the day and look at the strange hole in the ground.
I might be able to convince the sheriff that there is a problem at boot hill that should be monitored.
Then I can ask the sheriff to deputize me and my friends to patrol Boot Hill for the next few nights. That way we can be properly armed to face whatever horrible critters come out of that damned hole.

October 17, 2013 Session
What do you know! I have been intrusted with the official investigation of the “Shootout at Boot Hill”. It is an odd position to be in, investigating one’s own activities, but the critters at Boot Hill have to be dealt with. This “Agency” I’ve been told about seems a little mysterious and puts me a bit on edge. Who knows what they will do. I am hoping they intend to deal with the problem without causing too much grief to those involved.

The Marshall and the soon to be new Sheriff seem work toward the good of the people they server. It does my heart good to see that in an office that is probably easy to abuse. I am fortunate they have given me the opportunity to help out with the Boot Hill issue. My traveling companions are unlike anyone I’ve ever met. What a motley crew we make, and yet the are each remarkable. I am very fortunate to travel with such people. It is almost like having kin.

My friend back east has given me a task. I don’t know if I am up to it, but I will do all I can. I am in great debt to this man for his acts in my personal regard. All of Kansas is in debt to this man, even if they don’t know it. I will not let him down. It may mean that I get the help of my companions, but that may be unavoidable.

That preacher leaves me confused. He is clearly a man of the cloth with deep faith, but he does some kind of Hocus Pocus and heals folk. I like him well enough, but can’t help wondering what he is?

Our gambling friend has some kind of mystical thing going on too. I get the feeling one should not overly upset him.

The doctor is the biggest question for me. He acts honorable, but seems to have the strangest motives. I will have to keep an eye on him for he will surely let his bravery get him in trouble. It is also strange that those critters seem to go at him first most of the time. Very strange indeed.

I think Mr. Hughes has had a difficult past. It seems to me he has had official responsibility at some point in his past. Perhaps a Sheriff, Marshall, or maybe even Mayor. That man fears nothing and seems to go by some kind of code, like an ancient warrior or such. He seem like a dependable sort.

Some day when I am done with my wandering and anger I hope to become a respectable business man. If JR’s drinking doesn’t kill him first, I hope he will be willing to help me figure out how to do it.

One happy note is that I have found someone who will help me learn to read and write. She is a kindly woman who seems to have a gift for helping fools such as myself, correct the errors and omissions of an uneducated past. I am already very grateful for her help and already feel like I can get the better of those damn marks on paper and walls.

James Howard's Thoughts

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